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WeCare health solutions was founded in 2017 by a group of health care specialists and tech engineers with the purpose of creating an easier method for patients to find different health care options that match both their physical needs and their budgets. Our website and mobile app offer a seamless browsing experience for you to be able to find your preferred caregiver and schedule a home visit whenever suites you. Find a professional Nurse, Physiotherapist, Nutritionist, Babysitter and more today.


Nursing Services
WeCare provides a qualified team of private nurses around the clock seven days a week and ready to assist you with your healthcare needs, from giving injections to all nursing care you may need. Whether you're looking for a one-time visit, multiple visits or full 24-hour Nursing care, we are here to maximize your comfort level within familiar and friendly surroundings.

Wound Dressings – Care, Burn Dressings – Care, Giving Injection – Cannula Insertion, Nasogastric Feeding Tube application, Tracheal Tube Care, Colostomy Bag Care, Diabetic foot Care, Bedsores Care, Wound and Skin Ulcer Care, Vital sign control / Monitoring, Nebulizer for Asthma & Allergic, Foley catheter Care, Pre & Post-Operative Care, Cerebrovascular Accident “Stroke” CVA Care, Paralysis Care, Multiple Sclerosis Care, Midwife – Pregnancy Care, Midwife – Postnatal Care,Patient Companion, Education, Other

Physiotherapy Care
Drug-free remedies applied by highly skilled and experienced physiotherapists who will assist you through your entire rehabilitation phase. WeCare offers an excellent team of physiotherapists who can provide effective treatment techniques upon medical prescriptions covering both chronic diseases and injuries caused by accidents for all ages, helping people push through the pain and come back even stronger.

Rehabilitation, Neck & Face Care, Back & Shoulder Care, Limbs (Arm & Leg) Care, Cartilage slide Care, Movement Difficulty Care, Post-Fracture care, Pre & Post-Operative Care, Knee Care, Cerebral Palsy Care, Cerebrovascular Accident “Stroke” CVA Care, General Body Massage, Paralysis Care, Tennis Elbow ((Lateral Epicondylitis) Care, Frozen Shoulder Care, Muscle Strengthening Exercises Care, Education, Others

Elderly Services
Taking care of an elder family member or a friend can be a very challenging task, especially if they needed specified care which you might not be qualified for. WeCare presents a variety of elderly care services starting with basic personal assisting and ending with major chronic disease care, ensuring only the best for your beloved ones.

Shower and Bath Care, Walking Care, Nail Care, Observation Care, Alzheimer’s Care, Chronic Disease Care, Feeding Care, Social Care, Education, Others

Health & Wellness Care
Fitness is the key to a healthy body. Get your blood pumping, burn the fat, and energize your spirit with full fitness plans and custom-tailored wellness programs designed specially and specifically for your body type. WeCare brings you some of the best nutritionists and personal sport trainers to help you acquire and retain the fit and healthy body that you've always dreamed of.

Body Fitness Care, Anti-Aging Care, Nutrition Care, Education, Babysitter, Nanny home, Education, Others

Nany Care
Children are the apples of our eyes, we always want what's best for them. That's why at WeCare we offer only the best nannies for your children. Our nanny care services include babysitting, assisting with homework, and some housekeeping. So that while you're at work or running errands, you can be rest-assured that your child is not alone.

Newborn Care \ up to 2 years, Babysitter \ over 2 year age, Nanny home, Awareness & education

Handicap Care
Handicapped people are an integral part of our society who play a vital role in it. They may require a special kind of care to help them reach their potential. WeCare provides support and care to handicapped people of all ages and sigments and empowering them to face their daily struggles and overcome their weaknesses to live a better life.

Autism Care, Speech Language Therapy, Learning difficulties Care, Difficult walking, Teaching Sign language, Teaching Braille Language, Shadow Teacher Care, Early Intervention Teacher, Education, Others


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