How can I retrieve my account password?

Through the application and choose (forgot password) (you can retrieve and change by phone number or email)

What payment methods are available in the app?

The amount due for services offered can be paid either in cash on delivery or through electronic payment

How can I make sure that the healthcare providers in the We Care application are efficient?

Before activating any service provider to appear in our searches, the company’s follow-up team will study profile and ensure its efficiency and adherence to the best standards in dealing with health care seekers,You can also make sure before you check by reviewing the files, documents, and experience of the proposed health care providers

Can I order more than one service at the same time?

Yes, you can select multiple services from the same category at the same time

Is it possible to request a service for a family member from my personal account on the wecare application ?

You can add your family members, relatives and even friends to relatives files in your personal account in WeCare application to request health care services for them.

Can I request services in other countries for myself or a relative?

Yes, you can do this by changing the country in your personal account to the country you want to request the services in it, then request the services that you want for yourself or one of those close to you

How do I change my email and phone number in the application?

You can do this by contacting the Help Centers in We Care application

Health care organization

Which healthcare facilities can participate in We Care application?

Any health facility have Team to provide health care services can participate in the application within a set of conditions and procedures, for more information please contact our help center

What is the registration mechanism in the app for health institutions and organizations?

Institutions and organizations that want to provide their services through the application through the registration of its employees after communication with the management of the WeCare application and of take their reference number to register their employees under the same umbrella

What subscription options are available in the app?

Through annual subscriptions divided into three periods of time (annual, semi-annual and quarterly) or by deducting a percentage of the utility bill and this is clarified in accordance with the signed agreement

How can companies follow their employes and manage their business of the application?

WeCare applications company give to the facilities and organizations involved in the application of an integrated software system that enables them to manage a team to work and follow-up reports and requests

What is should done by the employees of the health facilities involved in the application

Follow up on incoming requests and respond quickly to health care seekers and provide the highest standards and Commitment to the terms and conditions of the services provided

What the benefit will happen to institutions and organizations from participating in the application

The application helps health facilities access to the largest number of health care providers through the application ,easy to management of work ,follow-up employes and easy reference in communication with health care seekers services