App. Features

  • Diverse and inclusive collection of segmented home health care Services.
  • Different options for subscribing in the application.
  • Advanced push notifications system, to keep you updated and in the loop.
  • Ability to view your requests details and organize your works schedule.
  • Simple access to a report of monthly income and gross income “Total Earned”.
  • The application allows you to build your services pricing that adequate your competencies and location of submitting services.
  • Enable health care providers to review care seeker health information’s before ingoing.
  • Unique ID number for health care providers, that enable care seekers to reach them easily.

App. Advantages

  • Enhance home health care sector via organizing work and distributing responsibilities, roles and automation system.
  • Enable medical health organizations to manage home health care business sector via ERP system.
  • 24/7 customer support team in your service.
  • Expand the outreach for your customers and enable better communication.
  • Maintain security and privacy.
  • The application gives the health care providers opportunity to manage their times and business.
  • Enable health care providers to build their biographies and Introduces themselves to care seekers, hence creating their brands.
  • Verified experiences linked to numbers of working hours and services provided.
  • Provide all types of medical equipments that need to submit health care services.